vax-SPIRAL® Trivalent Antileptospirosis Vaccine



  • The Trivalent Antileptospirosis Vaccine is indicated for active immunization against Leptospirosis caused by the serogroups Canicola serovar canicola, Icterohaemorrhagiae serovar copenhageni and Pomona serovar mozdok.
  • Its use is recommended for people over 15 years of age who are at risk of acquiring the disease, due to their occupational profile, such as rice farmers, sugarcane workers, farmers, sewerage workers, miners, veterinarians, animal breeders, slaughterhouse employees. , workers of fish and military establishments.
  • Also to the personnel exposed to water contaminated by the urine of domestic and wild animals, in bathers and people who camp in the open air in infected zones or who live in areas considered at risk due to the association of elements such as: infestation of rodents, wet soil, history of morbidity and the presence and coexistence with domestic and / or affective animals.

Pharmaceutical form

Injectable suspension.


 Bulbs: 1, 5, 10 y 20 dose.