Dedicated to save lives

We are a company oriented to science and to save human lives. We are dedicated to the development of vaccines, supported in the areas of Research and Development, Production, Clinical Evaluation and Marketing of products and technologies. We operate in a reliable and responsible way developing high technology processes.

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Our Capabilities

Our company has a closed cycle platform, that is, it carries out the complete development cycle of a vaccine (Research - Development - Production - Marketing and Post-sale monitoring) to obtain our products aimed at solving health problems of the Cuban population and worldwide.


Authors of the first large-scale production and clinical trials of a synthetic polysaccharide vaccine, against the Haemophilus influenzae type B bacterium. One of the main causes of meningitis in young children.


Our Clinical Studies are supported by a careful Evaluation of Impact Effectiveness and Pharmacovigilance.


Products Portfolio

In the Finlay Institute of Vaccines we produce products designed to solve the most urgent problems of Human health from innovative approaches and high-tech technological platforms.

The effects of our vaccines on epidemic control are recognized as the one caused by Neisseria meningitidis in 1989 in Cuba and It was eradicated with our product VA-MENGOC-BC, after a vaccination campaign. see report of the Pan American Health Organization, PAHO .

A trivalent antileptospirotic vaccine of inactivated cells of Lectospira interrogans (serovars) was also obtained Canicola canicola, Pomona mozdok and Icterohaemorrhagiae copenhageni) to combat outbreaks of leptospirosis occurred in Cuba, as well as in Natural disaster situations, such as hurricanes and floods that have hit Cuba and Central America in recent years years Article about Leptospira .

With Quimi-Vio, our Institute introduced the first synthetic conjugate vaccine. This vaccine has already passed clinical trials Phase I, II and II with excellent results.

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Collaborators y Partners

Collaboration has been maintained with several national and international institutions that have offered their points of view, ideas, as well as to reach more quickly and efficiently a drug that helps fight a disease.